Customer Reviews

customer reviews


★★★★★ Life changer, game changer!!
By BKon August 9, 2016

Had the same issue for 3 years now, based on reviews of all the products like this, this one seemed the best. We've only used it about 3 times and it's gotten better each time! 1st time 3 sprays, bit too much maybe, 2nd and 3rd 2 sprays and it was just right. I usually get him going first then do the two sprays, he gets me going for however long that takes (5-15 minutes) while the product is working its magic then we get down to business. He's lasted longer and longer each time. This is a blessing please don't go out of business I will reorder this definitely. I find the little bottle size convenient so you can be discreet especially when travelling. Highly recommend!!
Don't hesitate to ask me any questions if you want.


★★★★☆ GREAT, with some minor downsides
By Jesus Coronaon July 16, 2018

First of all, it gets the job done. You'll definitely last longer and it feels great knowing your partner is having an amazing time. However, there are some downsides. First I want to mention it's annoying that you need to pry open the cap as it is difficult to open it with just your fingers. Second of all, the initial numbing sensation is verryyy uncomfortable and definitely will take time to get used to. It has a slight burning sensation. Finally, (I don't know if this is supposed to happen) the last time I used it I noticed that even though I used more sprays, it did not feel as numb. It's as if there's a time constraint for the product to work its best.
BUT, if you can get over these gripes, and you're looking to last longer, go ahead and try it out.


★★★★☆ I only use 2 sprays and it numbs in less than a min (my personal experience) you can wait a bit longer for better results.
By Oscar Reyeson August 10, 2016

This is really strong! I only use 2 sprays and it numbs in less than a min (my personal experience) you can wait a bit longer for better results. Not for oral though! Unless you use a flavored lub or something... just common sense, people! :P


★★★★★ The STUD 100 works great, it's strong enough to help you hold off ...
By Paul Shuckharton October 3, 2017

The STUD 100 works great, it's strong enough to help you hold off for awhile but not so strong that you can not enjoy it too. It's great for oral too, but it does have a little different taste (so I was told), would recommend that your partner put some favored gel or oil on first before going down on you.


★★★★★ Takes effect after 10 minutes wait. It works ...
By Duoyion August 21, 2017

Takes effect after 10 minutes wait. I it works very well for me with 3 shots. I still feel stimulations but less strong so it does help last longer


★★★★★ Good
By Tjon July 14, 2016

Works better for me with just two sparys.


★★★★★ Be dominant again
By andrew barbaon June 18, 2017

want to know how it feels to give someone a seizure look no further as your woman will tremble before your amazing stamina when you lay it down. buy it


★★★★★ Five Stars
By Phuong Hoangon January 19, 2018

Good service! A+++


★★★★★ Works really well!
By Ruson April 24, 2016

Never used any desensitizers before, so I had a certain level of skepticism. Well, this spray made a HUGE difference... Very happy with it! And not just me :)


By AmAzOnRuLeZon April 25, 2016

Let me start by saying this product works. If you want your woman to cum before you do, this is what you need. 5 sprays the most. It numbs you but if your lady is good with foreplay then you have no problem. We have used this spray multiple times And it is consistent. I have become immune to her sex positions that usually make me cum. Now I stare back at her like a BEASSSTTT. simply GENIUS.


★★★★★ I payed for it and got it
By Tyrone Samuelson August 7, 2018

All good

★★★★★ Feel like a champ!
By ItsPozoon August 30, 2016

Works 100% I spray it on in the shower (not letting it get wet) I also spray a little extra in my hand and stroke it in. Gave it about 5-10 minutes then I rinsed off and took a shower and on to the bedroom!! My wife loved it. Will buy this again for sure!! Got full feeling back after about an hour or so. This is what they use in porn to last so long!


★★★★★ Excellent product and it works as described
By Booon September 11, 2016

Excellent product and it works as described. It has absolutely helped me last longer and my life partner is much satisfied now.


★★★★★ Numbs the heck out of whatever you're using it on.
By Lord Raidenon September 6, 2016

I obviously can't post pics of this. lol. We're using this for anal sex since I'm a lot larger than my wife can comfortably handle and this stuff is amazing. I think it's like 20% lidocaine. Anyway, when you first apply it it burns. Not in a bad way but it might be for some. When the feeling subsides it's because ALL FEELING subsides. It completely numbs the area. I give it two thumbs up.


★★★★★ Works great for me
By Aaron Danielson June 21, 2017

Works great for me. I put 3 sprays on and spread it out evenly. Then I do foreplay for 15-20 mins to let it really soak in. By then it's half numb and I can usually go as long and hard as I want to. Not sure how some say it doesn't work. If you need more numbing, put more on there. Maybe some people aren't waiting long enough after putting it on. It has to sit on there for a few minutes to really take effect.
The bottle lasts a long time. I must have used it over 15 times so far and it still feels like there's a fair amount left.


★★★★★ Really works!
By Andy R. Avilaon May 9, 2016

I love this product. I can last long enough to pleasure my wife. No side effects or unpleasant odor. Great product. I will continue to buy this spray.


★★★★★ makes him last A LOT longer
By This oneon January 9, 2016

My husband uses this and I LOVE IT because he lasts so much longer. It does sting when he first inserts it anal.


★★★★★ Great product! You feel and enjoy!
By MitaPR October 23, 2018

Excellent! I recommend this product. Other creams are to strong, so the man lose all sensations. The man should clean the cream-gel before having sex; so his sexual partner neither taste it nor lose sensation. I love this product and so will you! Enjoy!


★★★★★ This product works
By Komi May 23, 2018

I was struggling with premature ejaculation for a long period of time and start praying God about it and I came across with this amazing product. How do I use it to let it dry for at least 20 min and I will take shower before sex. Actually, my wife is now happy.


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