Stud 100 Delay Spray

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STUD 100 is a desensitizing spray for men. Its active ingredient, Lidocaine, is a local anaesthetic which is used to reduce the sensitivity to touch of the penis just before intercourse. This reduction in sensitivity helps to delay ejaculation (climax) in cases of over-rapid or premature ejaculation (coming to climax too quickly).

STUD 100 is manufactured in the UK and does not require a prescription or medical consultation. It is approved by leading health authorities around the world. It is available Over-The-Counter from licenced pharmacies.

Use STUD 100 to temporarily reduce sensitivity, which helps to delay male ejaculation:

  • Twist to flip open the child-resistant cap
  • The recommended starting dosage is 3 or more sprays, not to exceed 10, to the head and shaft of the penis
  • Apply 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse
  • Do not exceed 10 sprays in one application, or 24 sprays in a 24-hour period
  • Wash product off after intercourse 
  • Store below 25°C